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Beautiful Loser

From the C.D. Q-South by Q-South

on Times Square/Into the Whip Records 1997
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Once when you were mine we walked alone in soul tranquility
Once it had to end the perfect stop to make me start again
         B7      Em             C
Chorus: Love, love, if only I were someone else
 B7      Em             C
love, love, if only I were someone else
 Em       C
love, love, love
It all comes down to me the answers and the questions perfectly.
what is left to be. Everything was everything to me. Can't you see?
At least I am alone, alone is one thing I found I can be
Years can fall behind but days remain in front for all to see


Deleo/Hornung ASCAP

Song is tuned down a half step from 440, Harmonica is in the key of B flat
The B7 is picked for guitar riff