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By: Pushing Daisies

This tab kinda sucks if you want it to sound like the actual song 
but it works for me ** i changed a major part of the structure 
to make it more playable for one-person gigs :) I also changed 
several words which is why most of the lyrics are not written.

(play this a couple times...you'll have to listen to the 
song to get strumming part right.)

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pushing_daisies/disagree_crd.html ]
I knew something wasn't right, the other night..
when she came to bed angry
We used to talk before but lately we've been fighting about the
stupidist things...

etc.. there's other verses but i have niether my guitar or cd 
or lyrics with me..so this is why this is why this whole 
thing maybe a little off...i will fix it though! =)

I never wanted to give you away..
I still love you but i don't need you