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Dream Over Chords

Dream Over by Pure X (off of Pleasure) 

Each chord should basically be strummed once, with a lot of effects. Also, if F# 
doesn't seem right, try F#m. 

Intro:  B    A    E  (x4) 


E               A
Baby I want every piece of you

But you've been my friend so long, 

    A                             B  
you've known me for so long what can I do 

  E                             A
to show you that I'm different than I was back then 

And i think you might understand 

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     A                          B
god, I gotta make you understand if you can 

E                                      A
and I know, I know you already got a man 

but he'll never love you like I can 

     A                  B
Nothing close to how I can 

I'll make you see

I'll make you see yourself so differently 

I'll set you free 

Leave you lying right there next to me, singing... 

Outro:   B   A   E  (x6)