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Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 09:31:54 +0200
From: "David Fong" 
Subject:  p/pulp/feelingcalledlove.crd

Pulp (from Different Class)
"transcribed" by Dave Fong

One of my fave Pulp songs - nice to play it with a bit of kick.

Very simple ... what I've got here was taken (mostly) from the
album version.

Please send comments, sugestions or just general chatter...

"This is a song about those times when your life seems to be
following a set
path.  It's alright ... but then suddenly something happens and
shakes it all
up - and it's called F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A. double L.E.D. L.O.V.   ...
                                         - Jarvis Cocker

The room is cold, and it's been like this for several months,
and if I close my eyes I can visualise everything in it.
Right down, right down to the broken handle of the third drawer
down of the dressing table.  And the world outside this room has
assumed a familiar shape, the same events shuffled in a slightly
different order each day, just like a modern shopping centre.

And it's so cold.....,
Yeah it's so cold...

Dm  C   Dm  C
What ...

Em  Dm  Em  Dm
is ...

F   Em  F   Em
this ...
                 Em  Dm  Em  Dm
feeling called love?

    Dm  C   Dm  C
Why me?

     Em  Dm  Em  Dm
Why you?

      F   Em  F   Em
Why here?

          Em  Dm  Em  Dm
And why now?
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Dm  C        Dm            C
It doesn't make no sense. No.
Em    Dm    Em  Dm
It's not convenient. No.
F   Em      F       Em
It doensn't fit my plans.
           Em       Dm       Em   Dm
No, it's something I don't understand oh.

Dm  C   Dm  C
{And as I stand and cross the room}

Em    Dm    Em    Dm
C.A. double L.E.D.
{I feel as if my whole life has been leading to this one moment}

F   Em  F   Em
L.  O.  V.  E.
{And as I touch your shoulder, tonight}

Em            Dm             Em          Dm
What is this thing that is happening to me?
{this room has become the centre of the entire universe}

So what do I do?  I've got this slightly sick feeling in my stomach
like I'm standing on the top of a very high building.  Oh yeah, all
the stuff they tell you about in the movies, but this isn't
chocolate boxes and roses - it's dirtier than that, like some small
animal that only comes out at night.  And I see flashes of the shape

of your breasts and the curve of you belly and they make me have to
sit down and catch my breath.

And it's so cold.......,
Yeah it's so cold...

(Chords as before...)

What ... is ... this ... feeling called love?
Why me?  Why you?  Why here?  And why now?

It doesn't make no sense. No.
It's not convenient. No.
It doensn't fit my plans,
But I've got that taste in my mouth again

{And the world begins to spin and spin outside the window}

C.A. double L.E.D.
{faster and faster and faster}

L. O. V. E.
{And this room has become the focus around which everything else

What is this thing that is happening to me?

F.E.E.L.I.N.G. C.A. double L.E.D. L.O.V.E.
{shrieking Jarvis ad lib stuff...}

What is this thing that is happening to me?

Oh yeah!   Oh yeah!  Oh yeah .....

(repeat chorus a few times - throw in a few Jarvis like screams,
shrieks and "Oh yeah!"'s - enjoy!)

(the bits in {curly brackets} are the bits that Jarvis kinda mumbles

in the background)