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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:17:29 -0500
From: the mayan caper 
Subject: CRD:  Countdown.crd by Pulp

Countdown by Pulp
Written by Jarvis Cocker/Pulp
From the album Countdown and from Seperations
transcribed by Coreii Cunningham


           Eb                                                                           C#  Eb

Oh, I was 17 when I heard the countdown start. It started

                                                                                   F# G#

slowly and I thought it was my heart. But then I realised that

                                                               F#  G#

this time it was for real. There was no place to hide, I had

                                                    C# Eb

to go out and feel that there was time to kill. And so i

                                                              C# Eb

walked my way round town. i tried to love the World. Oh,

                                                                    F# G#

and the world just got me down. And so, I looked for you

                                                                     F# G#

in every street of every town. I wanna see your face, I

                                                     C# Eb

wanna, I wanna see you now. I wanna see you now. Oh

                                                                                C# Eb

and so it went, so it went for several years. I couldn't stand

                                                   F# G#

it, no, it must be getting near. No, no, you don't understand.

                                                    F# G#

How many people have seen you in the arms of some other
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           C# Eb

man. I've got to meet you, and find you, and take your

          C# Eb

hand. Oh my God, my god, you've got to understand that I

F# G#

was 17 - I didn't, didn't know a thing at all. I've got no

F# G#                                                C# Eb

reason, I've got no reason at all, oh no.



Oh, the time of my

G#                                               Eb

life, oh, I think you came too soon (yeah, it came too soon

                              C#m              G#                                    Eb

then). Oh, and it could be tonight, if I ever leave this room


(if I ever leave this room now).  Wasting all my time on all those

G#                                                  Eb                            C#m

stupid things that only get me down. Oh, and the sky is crying

      G#                                             Eb

out tonight for me to leave this town (telling me to leave this



Yeah, you can leave me, you
can, you can go some other place. You can forget it, yeah,
you know that it's okay. Because I own this town, yeah I
brought it, I brought it down on it's knees. Can you hear it
crying? Can you hear it begging me "please?" I know it's
coming, so soon now, oh it's on it's way. Oh no, oh no I
can hear them say - they say they can't survive. They say it's
all a lie and now, it's coming down, oh baby now please...



It's okay, you don't have to care, really, oh, really I
swear. No, no, you owe me nothing, you owe nothing to
me. Oh, and if I messed it up baby, that's all up to me,
yeah. And if you go then I won't follow, no...no...So many
times I've been thinking maybe I should. No, I'm gonna
stay, I'm gonna make my way. I'm gonna get on through
babe. I'm gonna make it someday.


Outro Chords:  Eb C#m highG#

I'm gonna leave
this town. I'm never gonna hang around. The sky and stars
and God will never ever laugh. Me and moon and stars are
falling down.