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Babies Chords

Intro - Dmaj7  Dmaj7  G  G  (6 times)

Dmaj7                     G
 Well it happened years ago 
Dmaj7                       G
 When you lived on Stanhope Road. 
We listened to your sister 
When she came home from school 
'Cos she was two years older 
And she had boys in her room. 

We listened outside and heard her, alright.
Dmaj7  Dmaj7  G  G

Well that was alright for a while,
But soon I wanted more. 
I want to see as well as hear and so I,
Hid inside her wardrobe.
And she came round four
And she was with some kid called David
From the garage up the road 
I listened outside, I heard her, alright. 
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Em                     G2
 Oh I want to take you home. 
I want to give you children. 
You might be my girlfriend, 
                              Dmaj7  G
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 

When I saw you next day
I really couldn't tell 
'Cos you might go and tell your mother. 
And so you went with Neve 
And Neve was coming on 
And I thought I heard you laughing
When his Mum and Dad were gone. 
I listened outside, I heard you. Alright. 

Oh I want to take you home...etc. 

Well I guess it couldn't last too long. 
I came home one day and all her things were gone,
I fell asleep inside, I never heard her come.
And then she opened up her wardrobe
AndI had to get it on. Yeah.
Oh, listen we were on the bed when you came home
I heard you stop outside the door. 
I know you won't believe it's true,
I only went with her 'cos she looks like you. 

Oh I want to take you home...[etc.]

With thanks to The Pulp Chord Songbook