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Ransom Letter Chords

Words Might Not Always Be 100% Correct, I just put them there to give an idea or where 
play chords.
Db/D type chords mean a D power chord with Db in the base!
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Chris.

05- Ransom Letter

All Rhythms (unless otherwize stated)= 123 456    (x2)
Intro: A------Ab/A------A-------Ab/A
Undernieth is  DbDbDb DbDbDb DbDbDb DDD

                             A                                                Ab/A
So you stole my heart, and left me a ransom letter,
                                        F#                                             E
Demanding I treat you better, should I ever want it back?
And now I'm all alone.
                                Ab/A                                           F#
Dreams are all forgotten, memories old turned rotten,
                                          E                   E
It's not the same on the phone.

So whats up girl?
             Ab/A                                                       D---Db/D
Things haven't changed a bit since we last met,
   F#                    E                            D      Db/D  F#              E
I bet my bottom dollar you're the best, girl,    that I ever ha-a-ad.
  D                                              A
I never wanna lose you so I dumb.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pug_jelly/ransom_letter_crd.html ]
Verse 2:
.........                        Ab/A
I can't let you walk away,
                                       F#                                 E
We planned to live forever, in each other's ar-r-arms.
 (extended time)  A                                              Ab/A                    
So......                     Hold, please hold on your note, no one will love you like I Do-o-o.
                                           E                       E
And that's the thing you know it too.


Hold A

Bridge: Rhythm: 1 2 xxxx (x4) 123 456 (x4)
D             Db/B                                            E                   E
  I hear a song, it keeps playing on the radio.
D                  Db/D                          E                        E
  I'll make a note that I just want you to hold.
D             Db/D                                            E                  E
  I hear a song, it keeps playing on the radio.
D                       Db/D                                           E................
  You bet your mind that you know what the future ho-o-olds.

Chorus: Except the first D---- Db/D---- F#----- E has the bridges rhythm.

             A                 Ab/A
What's up? (x3)