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Polo Horse Chords

Words Might Not Always Be 100% Correct, I just put them there to give an idea or where to play chords.
Db/D type chords mean a D power chord with Db in the base!
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Chris.

Polo Horse Tab:
(Speech) Jesus Christ, This Horse Is Nuts!

Verse 1:
C            D                         G
  Take a beating just for you! (dog barks)
C                      D        G 
 Don't bother them, me or you,
C                D                                              P.H.
 I'd start a riot, in, the,    zoo.

C          D                    GG                 F#/G F#/G
  I'd do anything for, unlike him, I can't lift waits,
        EE               D3D3
and if I won the amazing race,
CC                    D3D3
Take you on a perfect date,
C                D      G
Buy you a polo horse.
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Single Notes Like Horse Feet: Rhythm: P pp P pp
E                                    D#          D                          C#
Take me down to the stables, we can call her mable,
C                           B          C#                             D5 D5
Serve her with a laddle, that's my favourite fable!

G                      F#/G                                      E                               D
Maybe i'm an in love sucker, don't know what you see in a muscly trucker,
C                                             D                        C            D      G
Come and watch you play one last show, ride that polo horse.
                C             D     G
And you ride that polo horse,
And I'll buy you a polo horse,
And I'll buy you a polo horse.
   C                                      D                         G
A man will do just about anything for his cunt-.........ry.