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Words Might Not Always Be 100% Correct, I just put them there to give an idea or where to play chords.
Db/D type chords mean a D power chord with Db in the base!
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Chris.

03- I

Riff 1:
A--222111222112211--  x2 with phaser, palm mute first time.

Verse 1:
My hearts breakin' and my arms and shakin' thanks to you... and me.
I'm left wondrin' what went wrong I'm stumblin' thanks to you... and me.

        B                           Bb/B           B
Her heart falls down making no sound.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pug_jelly/i_crd.html ]
Chorus: x2
I don't wanna go back home and,
G#                    F# 
I don't wanna be alone and,
        E                                             F#
The only person singing to me sleep is myself and.

Verse 2: Opens with 1/2 Riff 1
So as I'm still fallin' and as she keeps callin as for you... it's not me.
My heart's takin' and my body breakin' thanks to you... and me.



Bridge x2: Open with Phaser Riff.
             E                                                    F#
I'm the only person thinking 'bout you now,
               E                                             F#
And the only person singing me to sleep is myself.

Final Chorus:
Same Chords But Clean x2
Same chords dirty and 2 frets up x1

C                                           A#
I don't wanna go back ho-ome,
                        G#      F#         G#
Don't wanna be alo-one.
And I!