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Words Might Not Always Be 100% Correct, I just put them there to give an idea or where to play chords.
Db/D type chords mean a D power chord with Db in the base!
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Chris.

02- Holiday


B--------- E----F#----B---------E----G--F#--

Verse 1:
B                    Bb/B     Ab                    E
  Got money always,  best act ain't goin' from here,
B                     Bb/B      Ab                     E
  My bills are growin',   so much that I can't get food.
B                         Bb/B       Ab                    E
  All back to the car now,  and I'll drive so far from here.
B                Bb/B           Ab                    E                             B
  I think I'll leave town,  and I'll drive so far from here. (so far from here)
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  B            Bb/B          Ab          F#
I need to go away, I need to get away,
  E            F#             E                      F#
I need to go on the best damned holiday!
B            Bb/B        Ab         F#
Need to fly away, fly to a better place,
E             F#             E                      F#                 B
Need to go on the best damned holiday.

Verse 2:
Same Chords
I'm always workin', I think it's time for a break,
Those bills keep workin', and I'm a walkin' mistake.
The world is turnin', but I'm not learnin' some more,
My head is turnin', and I've put aside for so long.

Chorus: +
E                  F#  B       E                 F#   B                Bb/B     B
Best damn holiday!! Best damn holiday-ay-ay-ay-ay

E              F#                     B      A#/B  G#
I've been waiting here, here for so long.
E                F#               xB             x A#/B      xA           x G#
Waiting to tell you, I'm going on a holiday I won't be long,
E         C#                      F#
I don't know where to stay-ay-ay.

Chorus: some fill over first half of chorus


E                  F#  B
Best damn holiday,
Best damn holiday,
Best damn holiday
E                  F#  B                 Bb/B      B
Best damn holiday-ay-ay-ay-ay.