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Puddle Of Mud - Control (Intro & Main Riff)

Name: Kevin Ouimet (wewe123@hotmail.com 
Artist: Puddle Of Mud 
Song: Control 
Tuning: Dropped D  

Not sure if this is accurate but it sounds close. Timing might be off
aswell but try listening to the song while playing to figure it out.

Enjoy & L8ter :)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/puddle_of_mudd/control_tab_ver_3.html ]
E  ----------------------------------------------------- 
B  ----------------------------------------------------- 
G  ----------------------------------------------------- 
D  0--00-0-3-3333333-5--55-5-3-3333-2------------------- 
A  0--00-0-3-3333333-3--33-3-1-1111-0------------------- 
D  0--00-0-3-3333333------------------------------------