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Blurry Tab

 Title:      Blurry
 Band:       Puddle of Mudd
 Tablature:  Han Duong, handuong@uiuc.edu
 Revision:   1-29-2002


    ________________________ ___________________________
   |       FIGURE I         |       FIGURE II           |

 e |--------7---------7-----|--------7--------7---5--7--|
 B |--7---------7-----------|--7--------7---------------|
 G |----7---------7------7--|----7--------7-------------|
 D |------7---------7-------|------7--------7-----------|
 A |------------------------|---------------------------|
 E |------------------------|---------------------------|

 In the intro, play FIGURE I twice, then play FIGURE II twice. After that,
 it's approximately 2 lines of lyrics through which you play FIGURE I and
 then end with FIGURE II. The harmonics stop when you here "Can you take
 it all away..." and pick back up after "Everyone is changing..." (starts
 back up slightly after the beginning of a new verse).


    _________ ________...
   |2.       |1.

   #5        #1                   #2
 e ||--------|--------------------|--------------------------|
 B ||--------|--------------------|--------------------------|
 G ||--------|--------------------|--------------------------|
 D ||--------|--------------------|--------------------------|
 A ||--------|--------------------|--------------------------|
 E ||--11\7--|--7---7---7-7-7--7--|--7/9---9---9---9-9-9--9--|

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   #3                                #4
 e |--------------------------------|------------------------------||
 B |--------------------------------|------------------------------||
 G |--------------------------------|------------------------------||
 D |--------------------------------|------------------------------||
 A |--------------------------------|------------------------------||
 E |--9/11--11---11---11-11-11--11--|--11--11---11---11-11-11--11--||

 The intro starts out with the above... start with #1 and include #5 when
 you repeat. The second time around, however, is a strumming pattern. It's
 essentially the same notes, and everything else muted (though you still
 want to hear the "muted" notes). When strumming, you might even want to
 try something like:

 e |--------------------|
 B |--------------------|
 G |--------------------|
 D |--9---9---9-9-9--9--|
 A |--9---9---9-9-9--9--|
 E |--7---7---7-7-7--7--|

 and just shift the shape up the neck. Sometimes I like to add a few down-
 strokes where there are pauses between the first and second strokes, and
 the second and third strokes.

 Also, just before "Can you take it all away..." is a lick that goes some-
 thing like:

 e |----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
 B |----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
 G |----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
 D |----------------------|----------------------|-------------------8--|
 A |-------9-8---8-8-8h9--|--6----9-8---8-8-8h9--|--8-6--9-8---8-8h9----|
 E |--9-7-----------------|----9-----------------|----------------------|

 This part is played twice; the second time around will connect to a
 progression which I have yet to figure out. (Hard to figure it out with
 a classical guitar.)

 Anyway, that's what I have for now... I'll make a few updates once I
 figure out more.

 -- Han Duong --