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Fullblood Freak Bass Tab

Song Title: Fullblood Freak 
Artist: Psycore 
Album: Your Problem (Also available as single) 
Tuning: C A D G (This is the first change of tuning, the whole song is tabbed on one string which is 
C, I think, I know that when you hold down fret 9 on the bottom string (in pitch that is) you get A) 
Tabbed by: The Snakecharmer ( 


The first Psycore bass tab to be written to my knowledge for my own Psycore website, 
Hole In The Ground at . It is prone to mistakes 
and has a couple of bits missing that I couldn't get, but mostly it's all here. 
Enjoy it and tell me what you think, and if you have spotted a mistake tell me and I`ll fix 
it with credit, naturally........ 

The Riffs 

Riff A 

Gb| ---------- 
Db| ---------- 
Ab| ---------- 
Db| -0-2-4-2-- 

Riff B 

Gb| -------- 
Db| -------- 
Ab| -------- 
Db| -11--4-- 
[ Tab from: ]
This riff can be played on two strings but sounds better as written above. 

Riff C 

Gb| -------------------------- 
Db| -------------------------- 
Ab| -------------------------- 
Db| -11--4--11--4--11--4--9--9 

Riff D 

Gb| ---------- 
Db| ---------- 
Ab| ---------- 
Db| 2--2--2--4 

Riff E 

Gb| ------------------- 
Db| ------------------- 
Ab| ------------------- 
Db| -0/11-9-11-14-11-9- 

The Playing Order 

Riff A x12 (Guitar comes in after 4th time) 
Riff B x4 
Riff A x8 
Riff C 
Riff A x8 
Riff C x2 
Riff A x4 
Riff D x20 
Riff E 
Riff A x16 (On 8th time there is a different riff that I couldn`t get) 
Riff C x8 
Finish with a quick open C

It also has effects pedals in certain places, like riff E, but its mostly distorted. 
I recomend you follow the tab while listening before playing it, its much easier. 

You may use this material for your own site, just keep don't alter it. Thanks.