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Be As Chords

Ive been searching for the chords to this song but couldent find them, so i took the
Initiative to learn it by ear and chord it out myself, enjoy

Intro: G - D - Em - C - D

G                         D
Julie wants to get out of town
She needs to settle down
                      C      D
Move to a place where no one knows her
G                    D
Lisa just had to get away
Nothing could make her stay
                C     D
Tired of living under cover

Em                       C             D
Everybody knows somebody trying to get free

Be as white as you want to 
Be as black as you want to
Be as brown as you want to 
Don't let anybody stop you
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Be as straight as you want to
Be as gay as you want to
You can wait if you want to
We all need something to hold on to

Em                                                 G
And if there is a way that you and I could both be free
Em                                      G
Have a little understanding and we will be

G                       D
Daniel moved to another school
Alliances can be cruel
            C             D
When you're alone without nobody

G                            D
Michael begged Jen to take a stand
And fight for the love they had
                           C     D
But she'd rather deal with being lonely

Em                       C                    D
Everybody's got somebody telling them what to be

Be as white....ect ect

Thats pretty much it, just add the other lyrics to the chords I gave u and have fun,
its not as hard as it looks children ;)