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Same Old Blues Chords

Proud Mary - Same Old Blues

By the Biggest Oasis Fan In the World!

  G  D? Em7  Cadd9  G/F#
E 3  0  0      0     2
A 2  0  2      3     0
D 0  0  2      2     0
G 0  2  0      0     0
B 3  3  3      3     3
E 3  3  3      3     3


G / D? / Em7 / D? / Cadd9 / D? / G

Verse 1:

    G                            D?
You think It's Too late and your warn and Tierd

      Em7                         D?                     Cadd9    D?
Got a Picture on your Face you'de Sure like to Hide from me....

Hold It From me

Verse 2:

G                   D?
Take A Leaf From my Well Warm Butt

      Em7         D?                 Cadd9   D?
Don't Hesitate to Call me on up some day...

Any old Day...

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G            Cadd9               D?                G        G/F#  Em7
Coz It's the Same old Blues that Took me Down that same old Dusty road

Cadd9          D?                G
Same Road that Almost dragged me Down

G      Cadd9                D?                        G     G/F#    Em7
It's a real damn Shame when all you've gained you can carry on your back

Cadd9              D?           G
Same Old Blues are Surly Coming Back

Verse 3:

You think you can't wait and your night are long
and you take a little line from my Sweet Sweet Song and Try..
Oh to get buy...

Verse 4:

Look at Him, He's Fine
Everybody Smiles and everybody Cries Sometimes
Oh to be mine...

Chorus - repeat same old Blues are Surly Comin Back 4 times

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