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Just For You Chords

proud Mary - Just For you

By the Biggest Oasis Fan In the World!

  D  G  A

E 0  3  0
A 0  2  0
D 0  0  2
G 2  0  2
B 3  3  2
E 2  3  0

Intro: D / G 

Intro Riff:


Verse 1:

    D        G              D     G
May all your winter Skys Be Blue

    D              G                  D        A
And all your Lover Turn Out right for you

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A   G                      A
And all your Friends are,

A    G              D   G         D    G
Ever Loyal Just For you, Just For you

Verse 2:

May one and all your Dreams they Come to fruit
May the One who get your love be Sure to Suit


Verse 3:

May God You grant a long and Prosparus Life
and someone can go take you for a Wife


Verse 4:

May time be kind and treat you with Respect
and never give you less than you'de expect

Chorus and repeat "Just For you" a bunch of Times then 
"Lord just for you" then End on D

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