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from the album 'How to clean everything'

Okay, i'm just gonna tab each part of the song, not the timing or 
which verse goes with what.








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ect, ect, listen to the song.




We spoke our minds too clearly. we assumed fundamental
rights were inherent not as pawns but humans. I do not 
require a gauge for freedoms of speech cause I never 
asked to be a citizen. I never have and I never will
pledge allegiance.

Waking up each morning with confusion in my eyes. 
The wind is biting through to wave "hello". Seeing 
my reflection, an exterior of lies. I hope this 
shaking feeling doesn't show. As if I tried to tell 
you there was little left to say. Stilted conversations 
coloured blue You were sitting down and you got up to 
walk away. I tried to stay but I was right behind you. 
Tension in the stair, I cannot bear so close to helpless 
as this song I sing. Inside me ring. Final words are 
boring never touch I know you whispered something 
in my ear. I couldn't hear you. 

Girls with the greenest eyes. First time you have kissed. 
Our quiet, softest sighs. A song for all of those who 
shot  and missed.

Welcomed to this world, imputed identity. Born, tagged, 
tattooed, pacified. Generously bestowed my rights  
and privileges replete. Arbitrary values ascribed. 
There's nothing I can tell you. There's nothing I can say. 
Stunted conversation, censored thought. I'm completely free, 
at liberty, guaranteed. Unless, of course, you decide I'm not. 
But I'll not be resigned to fall in line behind you. Tension 
in the air I cannot bear so what the fuck am I accomplishing? 
Absolutely nothing. All these words are boring. It's time for 
action. But you've taught me to be a pawn. 

Hey, it won't last for long. 

Those who see through the lies are quickly gagged and bound. 
Their ambitions realized. Tear the whole fucking thing down!

I was right behind you
I was right behind you
I was right behind you

 By Smacky