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You Could Chords

Artist - Project Valkyrie
Copyright Peter Horton 2002

You Could

Intro (Drop D)
A // E // A // E // F // G X 4

Verse 1
A // Bb // F // G // F
Time will test the limits,
Of all that we have done.
Time will hold a candle,
That burns brighter than the sun.

Verse 2
Time will sit there waiting,
For you to soon return.
Time will sit there watching,
As your heart begins to burn.

Riff X2
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G // F
It's all this waiting,
As you look to me to say.

Chorus (Heavy)
A // F // G // F
You could be my summer,
You could be my hell,
You could be my everything,
Can I be yours as well.
You could be my winter,
You could be my earth,
You could be my everything,
If we can make this work.

Break (Intro)

Verse 3
Empty spaces fill my world,
But nothing fills my mind,
Love could fill this void,
I feel open up inside.

Verse 4
Now all see is sunlight,
But I can't shield my eyes,
I must be the spider,
Inside this world of flies.

Riff X2



Outro (Intro)