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Date: 2.11.02
From: Peter Horton
Subject: See The

See The Smile - Project Valkyrie
From the "Free Gifts At The Methadone Clinic" EP

Written by Peter Horton

Intro (Heavy)
F#m // Am // C# // C // B X2
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Verse 1 (Muted)
I don't want to see the smile,
Its not enough for me.
I don't want to see for miles,
Its just too far for me.

Verse 2 (Heavy)
I got one thing on my mind,
Its never gonna be,
But it slowly makes me blind,
I guess I should've seen

Am // Bm
Now, I know that your near,
Bringing it to me,
Killing off my fear,
I guess I should have seen.

Verse 3
You say you want to take it slow,
Well thats ok with me.
You say theres one thing I should know,
You think that I'm the key.

Verse 4
Pick your feet up off the floor,
The friction slows you down.
And give me just a little more,
So that I'll never drown.


Break (Bass only 2 bars, then kick back in 2 bars)