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Read All About It Chords

        Bm            G
I wanna sing, I wanna shout,
         G                     F#m
I wanna scream till the words dry out
             Bm                  G
So put it in all of the papers, Iím not afraid,
          D                  F#m              Bm ...
They can read all about it, read all about it, ohhhh

'Use bar chords for all but D'

Bm G D F#m
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Nothing to hide
Stifle and smother
Suffered and cried
Strife made me tougher
Never mumbled or shy to,
The trouble, I rise above all
Expectations to get rep
Ainít never begged yet
When I wanted to get pence, hustle,
To be, Iím exactly what my neck says.
People saying I tried to cash in on my Dadís death,
I wanted to vent Ďstead I said nothing at all.
After all you were never kin to me,
Family is something that you never been to me,
In fact making it harder for me to see my father was the only thing that you ever did for me.