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Too Much Between Us Chords

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                         "Too Much Between Us"
               (Robin Trower - Gary Brooker - Keith Reid)


	acoustic guitar [2X; bass and celeste enter 2nd time]

	D     Em9    Em9/B    Em      C      /G     Em      *
	/ / /  / / /   / / /  / / /   / / /  / / /   / / /  / / /
	    [xx2032] [x2x032]                               * bass plays B

Verse 1:

	         D          Em9    Em9/B  Em
	There's you you're sleeping over there
	C        /G     Em/B          Em
	  Whilst me, I'm sitting here
	 D           Em9    Em9/B    Em
	With so much sea between us
	C        /G     Em/B       Em
	I can't make it much more clear
[ Tab from: ]
	C             G            F      C
	  There'll be no time for crying
	C           G               Asus2  A
	  We won't make it more than six
	C         G                 F     C
	I could change my plea to guilty
	C                              D
	  But I don't think it would stick


	  G                  F               Eb        F+   F
	Still those are the ratings far too easy to despi..ise
	        G               F                 Eb
	You've said so much in silence now [1: I truly am 2: indeed I am]
	         F+ F C(-9) C    A		C(-9): x32020

[repeat intro (w/celeste both times)]

Verse 2:

	Let him who fears his heart alone
	Stand up and make a speech
	For him perhaps an emperor's throne
	If he could only speak

	Far too few and far too fallow
	Ashamed I'll heed the cry
	Be with me when I need a drink
	Be with me when I die

[repeat refrain]


	(organ solo over intro chord progression to fade)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers