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Devil Came From Kansas Chords

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                      "The Devil Came From Kansas"
                      (Gary Brooker - Keith Reid)

Intro (chords and rests as indicated):

	   Eb Ab            Ab Eb            (Eb)
	}  /  /  }    }  }  /  /     }  }  }  /

Verse 1:

	Eb      Bb                     Eb
	   The Devil came from Kansas
	          Bb                  Eb
	Where he went to I can't say
	       Ab                          Eb
	Though I teach I'm not a preacher
	      Ab                    Eb
	And I aim to stay that way
	           Bb                  Eb
	There's a monkey riding on my back
	      Bb                  Eb
	Been there for some time
	    Ab                    Cm
	He says he knows me very well
	     Fm                Ab   Eb
	But he's no friend of mine

[ Tab from: ]
	Bb                 Eb
	I am not a humble pilgrim
	            Ab       Ab7        Db
	There's no need to scrape and squeeze
	          Gb  Ab             Bb
	And don't beg    for silver paper
	          F        Ab            Eb
	When I'm trying to    sell you cheese

	Bb       Eb   Ab      (Eb)
	/  }  }  /    /  }  }  /

Verse 2:

	The Devil came from Kansas
	Where he went to I can't say
	If you really are my brother
	Then you better start to pray
	For the sins of those departed
	And the ones about to go
	There's a dark cloud just above us
	Don't scowl because I know

[repeat chorus]

Guitar solo:

	Bb       Eb   Bb       Eb   [3X]
	/  }  }  /    /  }  }  /

	Ab       Eb   Bb
	/  }  }  /    /     (drum fill)

Verse 3:

	Though I never came from Kansas
	Don't forget to thank the cook
	Which reminds me of my duty
	I was lost though now I look
	For the turning and the signpost
	And the road which takes you down
	To that pool inside the forest
	In whose waters I shall drown

[repeat chorus]

Coda [guitar solo; repeat to fade]

	Bb       Eb   Bb       Eb
	/  }  }  /    /  }  }  /

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers