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Christmas Camel Chords

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                          "A Christmas Camel"
                      (Gary Brooker - Keith Reid)


	(descending piano glissando)

	piano arr. for guitar [2x: band enters 2nd time]:

	 Gm            Cm/G  Gm            Gm    Cm/G Gm
	 v       v       v       v         v       v       v       v

Verse 2:
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	Gm     G       Eb        Bb
	My Amazon six-triggered bride
	(Bb)                 Cm       Gm
	Now searching for a place to hide
	(Gm)         G         Eb  Bb
	Still sees truth quite easily
	(Bb)                Cm  Gm
	Shrouds all else in mystery
	       Cm    Eb7        Gm
	While madmen     in top    hats and tails
	Cm             Eb7      Gm
	   Impale themselves on    six inch nails
	     Bb    Gm      Cm   Gm
	And some Arabian   also-ran
	Bb         Gm        Cm      Gm
	   Impersonates a   watering can

	[repeat intro w/full band after each verse]

Verse 2:

	Some Santa Claus-like face of note
	Entreats my ears to set afloat
	My feeble, sick, and weary brain
	And I am overcome with shame
	And hide inside my overcoat
	And hurriedly begin to quote
	And some Arabian   sheik most grand
	Impersonates a   hot dog stand

Instrumental break:

	(guitar solo over verse chords)

Verse 3:

	Red Cross ambulance outside
	Could only mean that I must hide
	'Til dusk and finally the night
	When I will make a hasty flight
	Across the sea and far away
	To where the weary exiles stay
	And some Arabian   oil well
	Impersonates a   padded cell


	     Bb   Gm       Cm   Gm
	And some Arabian   oil well
	Bb         Gm       Cm      Gm
	   Impersonates a   padded cell

	[repeat intro; end cold on last Gm of 2nd repeat]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers