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My Old Friend The Blues.. Chords

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     Artist, The proclaimers.
     Song, My old friend the blue's.
     Tabbed by gnosh.
     Date, 2/4/2005.

     Chord notation.

                E          A          A7         B7   


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     Verse one.
     Just when every (E) ray of (A) hope was (E) gone
     i should have known that (A) you would come (E) along
     i cant believe i (B7) ever doubted you (A7) my old friend (B7)  the (E) blues.

     Verse two.
    (E) Another lonely night (A) a nameless (E) town
     if sleep dont take me (A) first you'll come (E) around
     cause i know i can (B7) always count on you (A7) my old (B7)friend the (E) blues.

     Verse three.
     (E)Lovers leave and (A) friends let you down,but your the only
     (E)sure thing that Ive found, no matter what i (B7) do I'll never lose
     (A7) my old (B7) friend the (E) blues.

     (E) just let me hide my (B7) weary heart in you,
     (A7) my old (B7) friend the (E) blues.
     I hope you enjoy this...........Peace.