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When You Were Mine Bass Tab

From: deharbe+@CS.CMU.EDU (David Deharbe)
Date: 20 Mar 1995 18:57:00 GMT

"When you were mine", by Prince.

I don't play the bass, just a little bit guitar.
So these tabs are just simplified guitar tabs,
and the rythm might as well be incorrect.

As "Peach" is is quite easy to play.
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Verse (repeat the following):
|> G --------------------
|> D --------------------
|> A ---------------2----
|> E -2----2---2---------
      When you were mine
|> G ------------------------------
|> D ------------------------------
|> A -0---0---2-----4---2----------
|> E ------------------------2-----
      You were kinda my best friend

Sorry I can't make up the chorus now, I may try
to find it tonight.