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Joy In Repetition Chords

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From: (Michael Terpstra)

Song: Joy in Repetition
Artist: Prince

There are three chords, well make it four.

     Abm     Cm7     Fm     Abm/Db
e  I--4---I---3---I---1---I---4-----|I
B  I--4---I---4---I---1---I---4-----|I
G  I--4---I---3---I---1---I---4-----|I
D  I--6---I---5---I---3---I---x-----|I
A  I--6---I---3---I---3---I---4-----|I
E  I--4---I---3---I---1---I---------|I
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It starts off using the Abm chord but quickly changes to the Abm/Db

Abm                          Cm7                        Fm
Talkin 2 no one in particuar they say, "the badest I am 2night"
Abm                         Cm7                       Fm
4 letter words are seldom heard with such dignity and bite
(switch to the Abm/Db)
Abm/Db                Cm7               Fm
All the poets and the part-time singers always hang inside
Abm/Db            Cm7                      Fm
Live music from a band plays a song called "soul psychodelicide"

Anyone want to try and post some of the solo(s) at the end?
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