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From: (Michael Terpstra)

Song: "7"
Artist: Prince

If you listen to the acoustic version on the single it is easy to figure out what
I'm trying to say.

I don't know the name to some of these "chords" so I'll make them up.

        A      G/9     G       E     E7/11
e  I---0---I---0---I---3---I---0---I---0----|I
B  I---2---I---0---I---3---I---0---I---0----|I
G  I---2---I---0---I---0---I---1---I---1----|I
D  I---2---I---0---I---0---I---2---I---0----|I
A  I---0---I---0---I---2---I---2---I---0----|I
E  I---0---I---0---I---3---I---0---I---0----|I

[ Tab from: ]
A                    G/9      A              G/9
  And I saw an angel coming down unto me
A                       G/9  A           G/9
  In her hand she holds the very key
G           G/9      G                  G/9
Words of compasion, words of peace
A                   G/9  A                   G/9
 And in the distance an army's marching feet
      E        E7/11 E                  A      G/9
But behold........we will watch them fall

A           G/9         A                G/9
  All seven and we will watch them fall
A                            G/9           A
They stand in the way of love and we will smoke them all
G/9       G         G/9     G             G/9
 With an intellect and a savoir faire
A                            G/9   A            G/9
No one in the whole universe will ever compare
E              E7/11  E
I am yours now and you are mine
E7/11     E               E7/11          E
And together will love through all space and time
E7/11       E  E7/11  E                  A
So don't cry,  one   day all seven will die

And the sitar sounding line
(or something close)

Same for rest of song.  It hard to sing and play this rhythm at the same time.
Any comments/correction to