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Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 23:37:18 +0100
From: Ben Smith 
Subject: p/primal_scream/im_comin_down.crd

I'm Comin' Down - Primal Scream

writen by Gillespie/Innes/Young

Transcribed by Ben Smith

Driftin', driftin'
Driftin', driftin'
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Verse 1:
D                 G				D     G
I've been so high, I never wanted to come down
D                 G                     D       G
I've been so lost, I never wanted to be found
I'm all hung over with bad dreams
I stumble in to messy scenes

           D      G
I'm comin' down
                 D      G
I can't face the dawn
           D       G
I'm comin' down
               D      G
I feel too far gone

Verse 2:
I've been driftin'
I've been strung-out, I've been burned
I've been lonely, to the point of no return
I drank myself to sleep last night
I see the the world through bloodshot eyes

Repeat Chorus

Highs and pills won't heal my ills
But they make me feel better for a little while

Repeat Chorus

I'm comin' down