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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 19:58:19 -0600
From: Matt Stetler 
Subject: CRD:Fadin' Away by Pride & Glory

                    FADIN' AWAY
             by PRIDE AND GLORY
               tabbed by Matt Stetler


Should I feel lost Or should I feel found
What should it be? Up or down.
                 D         C
Won't you please help me...
Searchin' high I'm searchin' low
Where might it be? A loss of words
                D    C
That'll set me free
That'll set me free
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C                     D
Lord I'm fadin' away
C                          D                 Am
Mama, It's been a year to the day
(repeat chorus)
Am, C,D    D,C,Am

You ask for this they sell you that
                                                  C       D
A better place, is where I hope you're at
Who's gonna live and who's gonna die?
Is it hello or goodbye?
                        C    D                                        B
Could you tell me how, could you tell my why.



C                                      Am
Oh, when the daisys are growing over top of me
C                        Am
Where is it that I go
C                        Am
Running out of time
Lord, I just don't know


That's the quick chord version  of the song.  Theres not much guitar,
It's mostly Zakk and a piano.  I might tab out the solo sometime. m Um,
any questions, comments, so on  e-mail me.