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Nathan Huddle 
presidents of the usa - lump

I think some dude posted this in a few months ago, but 
here it is. The Presidents are the newest mega-band from Seattle. I guess 
they are on MTV or something. That's crazy. The first time I saw them was 
a year ago this week. hmm. 


She's Lump!  She's Lump! She's Lump!   She's in my head
       She might be dead


C#5    B5      E5Refrain:
       (Strum it for a while)
       C#5  /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Is this song out of my head? I THINK SO!!!  ba da ba ba bu ba da da
Hey, don't blame me if this is wrong. I didn't write it. 

Write me if you want to talk about the Presidents or something:

Thanks for reading this, 

Nathan Huddle
Bellingham, WA======

Song: Lump
Artist: The Presidents of the United States of America
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I don't know why no one has posted this terrific song yet, so I will. 
 It's pretty simple, but fun.  I play it in drop D tuning (low E 
tuned down 1 whole step to D), 'cos it makes the quick switches 
easier, but it isn't necessary.  I'm not sure about the rhythm, but 
the chords are accurate - have fun with it.  This is tabbed in drop D.
  'bh' is the slow bend that he holds and lets back down in the 

Verse ("Lump sat alone in a buggy marsh...")


Chorus ("She's lump - she's lump - she's lump...")


Other part ("Na na na..." and "Is this lump outta my head?")

---11--11--11--11--11---2-3-4--4--7-8-9--9--9--2h4p2-----------------The song ends with the following chord riff after the Other Part:


Again, its a really cool song - these chords are 100% accurate, I 
think; its just a matter of finding the rhythm.  Criticisms, 
corrections, questions, flames, or any comments are much appreciated..