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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Double Time Bass Tab

Song: Double Time
Band: Pre_Shrunk
EP: Exhibit (a)
Tabbed by Manda ( & Matt (

Cool, the first drop D I have come across with Pre_Shrunk. 
This is total crap (the tab, I mean, not the song!), but I 
thought I'd add the little bit that I know. This is the 
intro/slapping bit out of the song, I know I haven't tabbed 
it correctly, but I thought I'd give some indication on how 
to do it so that someone can come along, get inspired and 
tab Dave and Davage's bits seperately. Cool?

Intro/Slap bit:
    T T T T P    T T T T
G| ------------|------------|
D| ---------5--|------------|
A| ------------|-----3-5----|
D| -0-0-3-5----|-0-0--------|
[ Tab from: ]
As I said, not right, but the right chords at least.

D| -5p3-------------------5p3---------5^6p5-3------|
A| -------5-3-5------3-5-------5-3-5------------5--|
E| --------------5-5-------------------------------|

That gets played a few times at the start until the 'relaxation...' 
bit kix in, then it's....

G| ----------------------------|
A| -----5-5-0-3-0-3^5-5-5-3-5\-|
E| ----------------------------|

Then towards the end this gets played a bit (slight variation of 
the start thingy....)

G| -----------------------------------------------|
A| ------6-4-6------4-6-------6-4-6------------6--|
E| -------------6-6-------------------------------|