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Prodigal Son Chords


Intro: D-G-A7
                                     D       G                  D             G
Father I have sinned, help me find the way
                                        D     Bm                               Em-A7
Remember not my sins, just let me hear you say
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                                     D              G
*I forgive you, I love you
                                        D               A7
You are mine, take my hand
                                Bm              Em    A          DAA7
Go in peace, sin no more, beloved one

                                 D      G                          D                          G
Father I have turned, my back and walked away
                                 D     Bm                              Em-A7
Depended on my strength, and lived my life’s own way…. (*)

                                  D     G                                     D               G
Father I’ve returned, I’m home with You to stay
                                      D     Bm                         Em-A7
Standing by Your door, knowing that you’ll say…. (*)