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                      Lord of All

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Bb C F
 Bb                       Am Dm
Lord I long to see you glorified

 Bb         C
In everything I do

 Bb                     Am   Dm
All my heartfelt dreams I put aide

               Bb        C           F
To see you spirit move with power in my life

 Bb               Am   Dm
Jesus Lord of all eternity

     Bb                Am7
Your children rise in faith

    Gm                      Am7 Dm
All the earth displays your glory

and each word you speak

          C        F
Brings life to all who hear


   Am7 Dm7
Lord of all

Gm   C                  Am7 Dm7  
All creation sings your praises

 Gm           C
In heaven and earth

    Am7   Dm   Gm        C
Lord we started hearts open wide 

  F   C
Be exalted