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I Love The Lord Chords


Intro: Bm       F#m              G      Am      A7      D

             G       A              D                   G                               A
I love the Lord, He is filled with compassion
                G       A               D                       G                       A
He turned to me, on the day that I called
                                                Bm7             F#m
From the snares of the dark
                            G                       A                           D
Oh Lord save my life be my strength 
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                        G                   A               G              A
Gracious is the Lord and just
                        Bm              G             Em7               A
Our God is mercy, rest to the weary
                        G                   A                   G               A
Return my soul to the Lord our God
                              D             G     D     G       A7      D               
Who bids tears away, I love the Lord

How can I repay the Lord
For all the goodness He has shown
I will raise the cup of salvation
And call on his name, I love the Lord

I shall give my vows to You
Before your people, I am Your servant
I will offer You my sacrifice
Of praise and of pray’r, I love the Lord