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Come Holy Spirit Chords


                       D                                Em
Come Holy Spirit, we need you
                        A7                      D
Come Holy Spirit, we pray
                                D7                      G-Gm
Come with Your strength and Your power
                      D              A             D - A
Come in your own special way
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                       D                                Em                  
Come like a spring in the desert
                          A                     D
Come to the weary of souls
                                  D7                 G-Gm
Lord, let your sweet healing power
                       D                        A      D  A 
Touch us and make us whole

                       D                                Em
Glory be to the Father,
                          A                     D
Glory be to the Son
                                D7           G-Gm
Glory be to the Spirit
                        D              A7       D
Now and forever, Amen.