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Thou My Vision(Irish Ballad)Harmonization:  K. CrowellD		Bm	   D                FmBe Thou my vision O lord of my heartEm                   	          Bm              	    ANought be all else to me, save 
Thou artBm  			           D              Bm    AThou my best thought, by day or by nightD                 Bm                   Em                  DWaking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.D	    Bm	     	    D 
              FmRiches I heed not, nor vain empty praiseEm                   	      Bm          ATh0ou mine inheritance now and alwaysBm  			 D              Bm     AThou and Thou only first in my heartD                     Bm               Em                    DGreat God of heaven my treasure Thou art.D	    	Bm	          D                     FmBe Thou my wisdom and Thou my true wordEm                   	  Bm   
               AI ever with Thee and Thou with me LordBm  	                  D                              Bm     AHeart of my own heart whatever be fallD                 Bm          Em        DStill be my vision O Ruler of allZ??N?DSET???.H???????B4??+??????6??*+??DSET???.H???????A??????6??*+??FNTMCUTSDSUM)Kevin C. CrowellHDNISTYL???@STYL?F?FT?F?A?F?C??E??B????????1
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