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Monkey Song Chords

this is my band and my song hope you like it

this is how it goes (all bar chords)

VERSE (palm muted)
 e a c# b

 a b e b
on the last line only play the A chord letting ring

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verse #1
if i was a monkey i would be your mom
if i wasw your mom we would both have problems
but thats what the scientists keep saying happened 
well i think ill stick to my own belefies
about a saviour that died for me
im sorry i just can't picture my mom saying
come here honey and eat the fleas off me

hey i like monkeys 
but i was never one
and even if i look like it
im still Gods son

verse #2
i went to the zoo one day
sometime in the month of may
a monkey was sitting there looking at me
saying uu a ee ee
well i couldn't understand his dilect
then i began to recollect 
that my mom was waiting back at the house 
saying come here honey and eat the fleas off me

verse #1 again played in half notes