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Such Great Heights Tab

                                song:~Such great heights~
                                 artist:Postal Servce
                                     Album:Give up

               I think it's the bass part but it sounds good just the same.
standard tuning.

CHORDS: f-122xxx   e-x022xx   f#-x122xx   

          c-x355xx   d-x577xx   c?-x81010xx (play rapidly)   

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(f)                  (e)                          (f#)
 I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes
                      (f)                   (c)
 are mirror images and when we kiss they all perfictly align.
     (f)            (e)                       (f#)
(and) i have to speculate that god himself did make
                        (f)               (c)
 us into corrisponding shapes like puzzle pieces of the clay.
      (f)                     (e)                                     (f#)
(and) true it may seem like a stretch but it's thoughts like this that catch
                          (f)           (e)
 my troble head when your away and i am missing you to death.
      (f)                           (e)                     (f#)
(and) when you're out there on your own for several weeks of shows 
                           (f)           (c)
 and when you scan the radio i hope this song will guide you home.
(f)                             (c)
 They will see us waiting from such great heights
 (d)   (c?)  (f#)         (e)
 "come down  now," they'll say,
     (f)                         (c)
(but) everything is perfict from far away
  (d)  (c?)  (f#)            (e)
 "come  down  now," but we'll stay...

(f)                   (e)                        (f#)
 I've tryed my best to leave this all on your machine
                           (f)            (c)
 but the persistant beating sounded thin apon the sending.
      (f)                   (e)                            (f#)
(and) that frankly will not fly you will hear the shrillest hi's
                                         (f)            (c)
 and lowest lowest low with the windows down as this is guiding you home.
(then do chorus again) afterwards, SOLO:

 |-------------------------------------------------------------    Repeat 4x


Do ~chorus 2x~ and fades away.