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Recycled Air Acoustic Chords

		        Recycled Air (Acoustic - Band Name
Tabbed by: D'Amore

Tuning: EADGBe
Kapo 1

Lick I:
   D          G          D          A
G|----2----------0----------2---------2----2-2-2-| x2

D             G
  I take a breath
D                                 A
  And hold the air until there's nothing left
D              G
  I'm feeling green
D                        A
  Like teenage lovers between the sheets

         Then play Lick I over 'Ba ba ba ba' twice

[ Tab from: ]
D                        G
  Knuckles clenched to white
D                        A
  As the landing gear retract for flight
D                G
  My heads a balloon
D                    G
  Inflating with the altitude

         Play Lick I Over 'Ba ba ba ba' twice, then play it without the 'Ba
         ba ba ba' half way through (So you play it twice, then on the third
         time only play until the G and start strumming the D)

D                                             G
  I watch the patchwork farms the patchwork farm's
G                             D
  Slow fade into the ocean's arms
D                                   G
  And from here they can't see me stare
G                             D
  The stale taste of recycled air
D        A                 F#m
  I watch the patchwork farm's
F#m        G                  D
  Slow fade into the ocean's arms
D          A               F#m
  Calm down release your cares
F#m              G               D
  The stale taste of recycled air

         And from the last D play Lick I once

And that's it, but get creative with it. Gibbard does some hammers while strumming like 
on the high e while playing a D.