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Please Return It Chords

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Chords by:  Justin Makeig (makeig@nwu.edu)

(Drop D Tuning)

F#m             Bb
Now, now is the time
Time to reckon
        Eb/Bb         F
Time to beckon, be surprised
Like a letter
       Eb/Bb           F               Gm
I just sent it, please return it, just forget it

Bb                       D/A
When we live the life we live
It's never ours completely
Not completely
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       Eb/Bb         F/C             Gm                C
Like a movie, like a style, please return it, please return it
       Eb/Bb         F/C             Gm
Like a favor, like a glance, please return it
Please return it

8, 8 is the hour
Hour of our trials, ours too sickening to live
Please return it
Put it back, I take it back, I can burn it

When you let me live my life
You didn't do it completely but you were discreet

Like the year I spent comparing me to you
Please return it
Like a servant, like a sewer, please return it
Please return it

Eb          Bb             F            Eb
There's an 'upside'--there has to be an upside
Eb          Bb             F            Eb
There's an 'upside'--there has to be an upside
Eb               Eb  D   C
There's an 'upside'

When you took me by surprise
That's half the fun of everything
Do you miss the point like I do?

In the certainty of friendships you can ask
Please retun it
Bring the balance back to you in returning

There's an 'upside'--there has to be an upside
There's an 'upside'--there has to be an upside
There's an 'upside'--there has to be an upside