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Chords From: the dawsons (mdawson@direct.ca)

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   Paint me lifeless grey
   For I have lost a friend today
   To desprate selfishness
   And so I will regress
   To something more disturbing
   Than all my words can say
   Black and white can not explain
   So paint me lifeless grey
   Paint me darkest black
   Tightend rope will never slack
   To free the chosen few
   Or change my charcoal hue
   I may be color-coated
   But that won't hide the fact
   That under shades of lifeless grey
   I'm painted darkest black
   It's just about that time of year
   When we will lose somebody dear
   Is that a funeral march I hear?
   It's just about that time of year
   Paint me burning red
   All the things he did and said
   And now I feel ashamed
   I thought it was a game
   I will not rationalize
   Or justify the dead
   I only want to free myself
   From all this burning red
   Paint me (repeat)

Paint Me-(capo on 2)
                     This ones easy : Verse : C-G-D/F#-G-C-D/F#-G-G
                                      Chorus? : Em-D-C-A
                     "Its just about that time of year" : Bb-G