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Mrs Green Chords

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                                  MRS. GREEN
Chords From: the dawsons (mdawson@direct.ca)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/posies/mrs_green_crd.html ]
   Miserable Mrs. Green sit by yourself and think awhile
   Of all that once could have been instead of what is now
   How does it even feel, you're no longer Madame Butterfly
   Yesterday operas have quickly passed you by
   Mrs. Green, you're older but you're really no more cleaver
   Things that you were thinking I am thinking I will never think at all
   Volumes of photographs held in your Einsenhower hands
   Newer world intellect could never understand
   You tore yourself apart all for the neighborhood and kids
   And never forgave yourself for acting as you did
   Where is your family and why did they lock you up inside
   And what will they talk about after you have died
   Who scared the birds away by lining the nest with demands
   And using the iron first but not a helping hand
   Mrs. Green I know you're not as happy as you can be
   As you watch my new leaf turn, you're turning green with envy over me

Mrs. Green-(capo on 2)
                        Bm/G-B/F#(about 3 times) -E-B/F#
                        Chorus : B-A-G-A
                        Bridge : G-A-Bm-A

        Define : Bm/G = E-3     B/F# = E-2
                        A-*            A-2
                        D-4            D-4
                        G-4            G-4
                        B-3            B-2
                        E-*            E-2