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Flood Of Sunshine Chords

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From the album, "Dear 23"

From: 'PopLlama' K. G. Giambrone (popllama@u.washington.edu)

This song requires a drop D tuning.  So instead of the standard EBGDAE
tuning, you will have to drop the low E to a D, thus EBGDAD.  The easiest
way to do this is to pluck the low E string and the D string at the same
time and lower the pitch of the low E until it is a D.  And pray that you
don't have a tremelo which will screw that up.  :)

This song's chord progression may seem difficult at first, but realize that
most of the changes require the movement of only one finger.

Opening Riff:

D----0h2p0--------| h=hammer on
A-0h2-----2p0-----| p=pull off
D------------2----|p0 ^=bend

D Dsus4 D     Dsus2   D    G6                        Em7
  We    Could Drown   Our  selves In A Flood Of Sunshine
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/posies/flood_of_sunshine_crd_ver_2.html ]
C, C/D, C, Cmaj7, C, D, Dsus4

D Dsus4 D     Dsus2   D    G6                        Em7
  We    Could Walk    All  Night, Still I'd See Sunshine

C, C/D, C, Cmaj7, C, D, Dsus4

Csus2                   A
Its The Calling Of Your Name
Csus2                       A
All sounds combine into the Same
      C        C/D, C, Cmaj7, C, D, Dsus4
And I hear you

When its overcast I'm not there will you still (love me)
When the clouds have passed and I return will you still (love me)

Its the calling of your voice
Your eyes are crying and your lips
are moist

To where are all my castles and cathedrals (to ruin)
They crumbled just like sand in front of us

Like ripples in the water
Your hands reached out to me
And all the things they taught us
Floated out to sea.

SOLO (yeah... dream on buddy.  You think I could tab *THAT* out!?)

We could drown ourselves in a flood of sunshine
And we could walk all night till I see sunshine

And now... the chords!!

 D XX0232  Dsus4 XX0233  Dsus2 XX0230
G6 X20030    Em7 X20000
 C X32010    C/D X32030  Cmaj7 X32000
 A X02220  Csus2 X32033