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Earlier Than Expected Chords

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Chords From: the dawsons (mdawson@direct.ca)

Intro -     E--------------------------------|

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G     D
Sacred pictures
C/G            G       D        G
With which she will fortell the future
G      D
Expert witness
C/G          G     D          G          C/G
A wound that won't believe in sutures

             Em           C/G    G
'Cause She's earlier than expected
C/G      G     D      G
A little premature madonna
C   C/B C/A G  C   C/B C/A  Bb
Earlier than expected

Rush right home now
Prepare, prevent, defend, define now
With no examples
You'll find the burdens more than ample


F                  C/B
And if you saw her trails
                       F                 C        F       C      G
Would you consider her guilty of being a child?

Open mouth-faced
She saw Ulysess, claimed him captive
The vanquished embraced
He knew for this to be receptive
And hust have grace and be festive
Of freeze in the dirt which he rests in

(Chorus x 2)

And she will sleep and rest her brow
And face the tempest of tomorrow