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From: "MAQUET, Frederic F." 
Subject: Tab: Roads by Portishead
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 17:56:22 -0000

			Roads by Portishead
				Tabbed by Frederic Maquet

The Am chord is sometimes "sussed" to add a transition, but mostly
are just strummed once with lots of echo and reverb and a bit of 
distortion.  The strumming can be slightly tricky if you're singing at
the same time, so listen to the record to get it right.

   Am              G6         Fmaj7    E7                F       G

Drums come in...
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/portishead/roads_crd.html ]
Verse 1:
Am     G6              Fma7  E7		    Am             
  Oho,   can't anybody see?       You gotta walk to find me,
G6  		       Fmaj7       E7
  Never found our way,  regardless,  of what they say
F 	      	 G	 Am		   F
   How can it feel, this wrong?  From this moment, 
 	    G	       Am
How can if feel, this wrong?

Verse 2: (same chords as previously) Chords have more echo here
Am	  G6		      Fmaj7      E7      Am
    Stoned, in the morning light,   I feel,   no more
	G6  Fmaj7    E7		  F		   G
Can I say,    frozen,   to myself, I got nobody on my side,
And surely that ain't right
F	G		     Am
 	   Surely that ain't right.

Verse 3:
Same as verse 1, except with strings..Also, 2nd Am is sussed,
if you see what I mean...(play 2nd Am as Am->Asus4->G6)


F	     G		Am		 F
  How can it feel, this wrong, from this moment
	   G	      E7
How can it feel, this wrong?

Play intro (with a lot of bass A, G, F, E) up to:
F	     G		Am		 F
  How can it feel, this wrong, from this moment
	   G	      E7
How can it feel, this wrong?

Play Verse 1 again (the same way as in intro).
Ends on:  		 Am
		"...this wrong."

Other ways of playing some chords:
    Fmaj7   Amsus4  Am    G6 or
B:--1---------5-----1-----5--0--| The 1st G6 voicing is a bit crap,  
G:--2---------7-----2-----4--0--| but Fmaj7 and Am and 2nd G6 are easier
D:--3---------7-----2-----x--0--| to play like this on an accoustic
A:--3---------7-----0-----5--2--| and sound better..