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Subject: Re: REQ-Pets by Porno for Pyros
From ()
Date: 20 Sep 93 21:29:52 -0500

In article <>, Manfreid I Chua  writes:
> Could someone please show me the chords/tabs of Pets????
>                                                 Thanks,
>                                                     Man

        I think there are three chords and they sound like

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     F#7sus4               Abm6 (?)              E

        Basically it is an open E chord slid up two frets, then slid up two
more frets except altered slightly. I think the above rhythm is also correct.
        However, I don't own a copy of the song, I've only heard it about 3
times, and I've never had a chance to play along to test my tab. So this could
be GROSSLY wrong.
        But it works for me and I like the way it sounds.


        Alex Lifeson used this on Xanadu and Hemispheres, but I like Perry
Farrel's idea better.