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Lazarus Chords


A        Amaj7       D         E

Verse 1: 

A        Amaj7       D         E  [x3]            
"as the cheerless towns . . ."

"and says . . ."


A        Amaj7       D         E [x2]
"follow me down . . ."

Verse 2:

A        Amaj7       D         E [x2]
"I survived against the will . . ."

"and said . . ."

[Chorus] [x4]

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  C#min         D            A                   E            
"My David don't you worry this cold world is not for you."

  C#min         D            A                   E
"So rest your head upon me, I have strength to carry you."

  C#min         D            A                   E [x1]

  C#min              D           A                        E 
"Ghosts of the twenties rising, golden summers just holding you."

[Chorus] x3


Dm           F                E            A
Come to us Lazarus, it's time for you to go . . .