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Pretty Pretty Bass Tab

       Pretty Pretty, by Pop Will Eat Itself
   ..Tabbed out by my bass teacher and I.
Suprisingly, this song will probably give you the most trouble of any of the 
ones I've posted so far. If you don't have a bass with a B string on it, 
you'll have to tune down. I'll write this out as it would be played on a 
four stringer with the E tuned down to a B.

Riff A:     
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pop_will_eat_itself/pretty_pretty_btab.html ]
  G:|-----------------------------|   This is the part that's played 
  D:|-----------------------------|   at the 'a friendly wave..' part.
  A:|-----------------------------|   It stops for the 'pretty lucky to be  
  B:|-5-5--5-8-5--2--5-5-5--0-0-0-|   alive' part, and then comes back for
                                      'look at me..'

Riff B:

  G:|----------------------|   This is the part played during  
  D:|----------------------|   the 'bwah bwah' things. ( well,
  A:|------------0-0-0-5-5-|   that's what I call them.. :) 
  B:|-0-0-0-5-5------------|   While he sings 'send you 
                               straight to hell.. 

This isn't as accurate as I'd like it, but I only have a 4 string guitar
here, and I'm not about to tune down just to test this out. I'm sure it's
right, though.

        written out by noah, email to image@cyberwar.com with comments,
        letters of appreciation, and other tabs. :) 

                                " You + I! You + I! Unify! Unify! "