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The Chair Song Chords

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Author/Artist: Steve Poltz
Title: I'm Just a Chair
Album: Live at the Basement DVD
Transcribed by: Joe Dubberly
Email: joedubberly@hotmail.com

Intro: G - C - D, G - C - D 

Verses and chorus play the same way, listen for changes.

I'm just a chair
Don't you care
I'm just a chair
Don't you care

I'm not a rump roast
I'm not a Crock Pot
I'm not a glass of lemonade
I'm not a random thought

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I'm just a chair
Don't you care

I hang out in the closet for 6 months or so
Until Easter or Christmas
& then you sit fat uncle Irving's ass on me
& he's got bad gas from all the stuffing anyway

& I'm a chair
I'm just a chair

You kicked me over in the middle of an argument
about Egypt or Israel & I'm lying on my side
staring at the ceiling saying: HEY!
"What about me man, what about my feelings?"

& I'm just a chair

I was born in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Yeah I was born in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
I relocated to San Diego California
On the border of Mexico
I got 2 passports, Mexico and the USA
But if a hostage situation breaks out I become Canadian
I'm conveniently Canadian Today 

I've been to second base more times than Babe Ruth
Cause after all I got 4 legs instead of 2
I'm just a chair
Quit stacking us up, picking your boogers and putting them underneath us man
We got our rights we got our lefts
We're just chairs, all of us

We're just chairs
I'm just a chair