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Ten Chances Chords

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Author/Artist: Steve Poltz
Title: Ten Chances
Album: Chinese Vacation
Transcribed by: Joe Dubberly
Email: joedubberly@hotmail.com

Feel the love!

Capo goes on the 5TH Fret!
Basic Strumming Pattern for Verses and Chorus goes like this kinda.

   Em          G                D                                              

Em              G      Em               G
I Only had One Minute Left on my calling card
Em                         G             D
I was half way around the world and it was raining really hard
Em                G             Em             G
I only had a couple of aspirin and a half a can of beer
Em                          G              D
So I swallowed it down for courage but it was still pretty hard to hear
Em               G           Em             G
Cause I only had Three words That I wanted to tell you
Em              G               D
But it would be easier if you were here and I could smell you
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C           D
Words are fallin' out I know
G  G/F#            Em
They drift they pass they melt like snow
C            D                G  G/F#            Em
And I know I may be a flake, I scrape my knews and make mistakes
C               D              G   G/F#         Em
And I may lose but mostly win, Sometimes I get soaked in sin
C             D           Em
But I fall right back into your arms again

Repeat Intro:
Em                G              Em                 G
So I ordered four Pints of Guiness and I set them on a trunk
Em              G            D
I had a long converstaion with a hopeless drunk
Em              G           Em          G
And I only had five tickets and six new friends
Em             G                 D
One of them Had a hissy fit and drove off in her Mercedes Benz

Repeat Chorus:


Repeat Intro:
Em                G         Em                G
So we played seven card stud, and I had a royal flush
Em              G            D
And I took out your picture and I started to blush
Em             G          Em              G
Cause I only had eight lives, most cats got nine
Em                    G              D
So I skipped out on bungee jumping, Just this time (just this time)
Em                G          Em          G
Because I only had ten chances, to say I love you

Repeat Chorus:


   C        D        G                  C        D        G
  C        D                            G